84 Hunter River Chicken

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Recipe to produce 4 portions U.S.A. Imperial Metric
Spring chicken 2 lb. 2 lb. 1 kilo
White Sauce (see for basic method):
Milk cups 10 fl.oz. 285 milliliters
Plain flour 7 tbsp. 2 oz. 60 grams
Butter 3 tbsp. oz. 45 grams
Dry white wine ¼ cup 2 fl.oz. 60 milliliters
Black grapes 2 doz. 2 doz. 2 doz.


Method of Preparation

  1. Clean chicken and dry.
  2. Measure white sauce items.
  3. Peel and pit grapes.

Method of Cookery

  1. Boil chicken with bacon, onion and carrot as per basic method.
  2. Simmer for 45 minutes. Remove chicken and skim fat from cooking liquid. Strain and boil down to 10 fluid ounces.
  3. Make sauce using a roux base of flour and butter. Add equal quantities of reduced stock and milk.
  4. Strip skin off cooked chicken. Cut bird into primary joints (2 legs and thighs—2 breasts). Keep hot.
  5. Add wine and grapes to sauce and pour over jointed chicken.


Serve with asparagus tips and Bennet Potatoes. A good fruity white wine goes perfectly.