90 Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic

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Recipe to produce 4 portions U.S.A. Imperial Metric
Chicken lb. lb. 2.5 kilos
Bouquet garni comprising:
Thyme 1 sprig 1 sprig 1 sprig
Rosemary 1 sprig 1 sprig 1 sprig
Sage 1 sprig 1 sprig 1 sprig
Bay leaf 1 1 1
Parsley stalks 2 2 2
Celery stick 1 small 1 small 1 small
Olive oil cup 7 fl. oz. 210 milliliters
Garlic cloves (unpeeled) 40 40 40
Salt, black pepper To season To season To season
Parsley To garnish To garnish To garnish
Butter 3 tbs. oz. 45 grams
Flour and water dough:
Flour (all purpose) 2 cups 8 oz. 240 grams
Salt 1 tbsp. 1 tbsp. 15 grams
Water To dampen To dampen To dampen


Method of Preparation

  1. Cut wings off chicken at the breastbone and dry thoroughly.
  2. Tie herbs together with long length of string.
  3. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  4. Make flour and water dough by mixing flour with salt and then adding enough cold water to make soft dough.
  5. With floured hands make a dough ring.
  6. Cut parsley finely.

Method of Cookery

  1. Cover the base of a frying pan with olive oil and when hot add garlic cloves and bouquet garni. Toss in the oil and allow cloves to sweat gently for 2 minutes. Remove garlic cloves to an ovenproof casserole and place bouquet garni inside chicken.
  2. In the oil remaining in the pan place the chicken and turn to brown lightly all over. Season chicken and then place chicken on top of the bed of garlic. Add more olive oil. Place the lid on the casserole and seal with the flour and water dough. Cook in 350°F. oven for 1½ hours.
  3. When cooked, remove lid and dough—cut off chicken legs and then cut off backbone in one slice. Next, remove the bones from the breast and cut the breast in two. Remove all the quter skin from each “quarter.” Cover with finely chopped parsley. Heat the fresh butter until foaming and pour over parsleyed chicken. Serve immediately.


As a main course accompanied by a salade Niçoise and a light fruity red wine.