109 Ox Tongue and Raisin Sauce*

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Recipe to produce 6 portions U.S.A. Imperial Metric
Ox tongue, fresh, not pickled 3 lb. 3 lb. 1.5 kilo
Butter ¼ cup 2 oz. 60 grams
Flour ½ cup 2 oz. 60 grams
Beef stock cups 12 fl. oz. 345 milliliters
Dry white wine ½ cup 4 fl. oz. 115 milliliters
Raisins tbsp. oz. 70 grams
Currants tbsp. oz. 70 grams
Lemon peel 1 tsp. 1 tsp. 1 tsp.
Malt vinegar 1 tsp. 1 tsp. 5 milliliters
Superfine granulated sugar To taste To taste To taste
Lemon juice To taste To taste To taste
Almonds 1 tbsp. 1 tbsp. 5 grams


Method of Preparation

  1. Sift flour.
  2. Measure stock, butter, wine, raisins, and currants.
  3. Finely slice lemon peel.
  4. Juice 1 lemon.
  5. Peel and chop almonds roughly; extra for garnish if required.

Method of Cookery

  1. Place tongue in cold water, bring to boil—pour off water. Fill again with cold water; simmer gently for 3 hours. Add a good bunch of herbs to the water and as many vegetable trimmings as you can find. When cooked, remove skin and cool.
  2. Make a roux with butter and flour and cook until fawn colored. Add stock, wine, currants, raisins, vinegar and lemon peel.
  3. Simmer until fruit is soft. Adjust flavor balance of sweet and sour with lemon and sugar to suit your taste. If necessary add more wine.
  4. Cut tongue in thin slices and lay it in overlapping slices in a shallow casserole dish. Pour sauce over and heat through in the oven.

*This is a typical German-style dish with a light fawn sauce.


Serve with Ngauruhoe Potatoes, green peas, and broiled tomato halves. I would choose a chilled rosé wine for this dish.