121 Pork Chops Parramatta

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The Graham Kerr Cookbook: By the Galloping Gourmet

The Graham Kerr Cookbook

By Graham Kerr

Published 1966

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Recipe to produce 4 portions U.S.A. Imperial Metric
Pork chops 4 6-oz. 4 6-oz. 4 170-gram
Clarified butter 4 tbsp. 2 oz. 60 grams
Salt To season To season To season
Black peppercorns To season To season To season
Onion 1 medium 3 oz. 85 grams
Garlic clove 1 1 1
New Zealand Sauce cups 12 fl. oz. 340 milliliters
Bay leaves 2 2 2
Water cups 12 fl. oz. 340 milliliters
Mushrooms 3 cups 6 oz. 170 grams
Butter 4 tbsp. 2 oz. 60 grams
Arrowroot 2 tbsp. 2 tbsp. 20 grams
Parsley To garnish To garnish To garnish


Method of Preparation

  1. Trim rind from chops—dry well.
  2. Slice onion.
  3. Crush garlic.
  4. Grind peppercorns.
  5. Make New Zealand sauce and reduce by boiling to cups. Add an equal amount of water to the sauce.
  6. Peel mushrooms and remove stalks.
  7. Make a paste with arrowroot and 2 tablespoons water.

Method of Cookery

  1. Season chops and fry in clarified butter.
  2. Add sliced onion and crushed garlic. Brown.
  3. Add watered down sauce and bay leaves.
  4. Bake in uncovered casserole for 1 hour at 325°F.
  5. Add mushrooms shallow fried in butter.
  6. Thicken with arrowroot paste and continue to simmer on stove until tender.


This is a very spicy dish and needs bland accompaniments. I suggest plain Boiled Rice and plain cooked peas. Serve a really extrovert dry red wine.