White Truffle

Tajarin al Tartufo D’alba


  • 260 g fresh tagliolini or tajarin, or 200 g dried
  • 160 g butter
  • 4 duck’s eggs
  • A little grated Parmesan
  • 30 g fresh white truffle


You will need three pans for this dish – one filled with boiling salted water for the pasta, and one with simmering salted water for the eggs, and a frying pan to melt the butter.

Everything needs to start in quick succession: put the pasta on to boil, melt the butter over a low heat with two tablespoons of the pasta water, drain the pasta and toss into the butter. Set a slotted spoon in the simmering water. Crack open the duck eggs, discarding the whites and gently dropping the yolks onto the spoon. Cook for just 20 seconds, until the thin film of egg white turns into a cloudy veil around the still-raw yolks.

Portion the buttered pasta into bowls, and carefully lay the yolks on top, in the centre. Dust with a little Parmesan, then cover with thinly shaved truffles. A truffle shaver (obviously) works well, but then so does a potato peeler.