Jacob Kenedy

Jacob Kenedy


Born in London in 1980 to an artistic family (his mother is the renowned artist, Haidee Becker, father a cellist, David Kenedy), Jacob was educated at Westminster School and then St John’s, Cambridge. In the second year of his degree he read History and Philosophy of Science, and in his third Disease, Society and Sexuality – a study of the relationship between man, medicine and disease. In the long Oxbridge holidays he worked in the Moro kitchens, or consulted on the Moro cookbooks. Despite his academic background, his love for food is primarily emotional rather than intellectual. His parents and grandparents are keen cooks, and his earliest memories are of food. His cuisine, and his understanding of gastronomy in general, is passionate and informed. Jacob trained both at Moro (London, under Sam & Sam Clark), and at Boulevard (San Francisco, with Nancy Oakes). He has consulted closely on all the cookbooks published so far by either restaurant, and considers himself incredibly privileged to have worked in their kitchens. He helped Oliver Rowe to open Konstam in Kings Cross before starting a venture of his own. In 2008 he opened Bocca di Lupo with his partner, Victor Hugo. The restaurant has achieved outstanding reviews and continues to become ever busier – every week feels like the best week ever, until bettered by the following. The restaurant turns away more customers than it is able to accommodate, and seems to be making the vast majority of guests very happy indeed whilst dining at its tables.
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