Moro: The Cookbook

by Samantha Clark and Samuel Clark


Ranked #16 in the 1000 Cookbooks list of the most critically-acclaimed cookbooks of all time, this book from the groundbreaking London restaurant of the same name is an absolute classic. It is full of simple dishes bringing together Mediterranean and North African flavors and is one of the most heavily-used books on the ckbk founders' shelves.

from the publisher

Since it was first published in 2001, Moro: The Cookbook has been one of the most talked about, praised and cherished cookbooks of its time. Sam & Sam Clark share a passion for the food of Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean and their London restaurant, Moro, was born out of a desire to cook within these wonderful traditions and to explore exotic flavours little known in the UK. Both the recipe book and restaurant have been showered with awards, accolades and endorsements and the Clarks have built up a legion of devoted fans.

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Ebury Press
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Features & Stories

Behind the Cookbook: Moro

Behind the Cookbook: Moro

We caught up with Samantha Clark to explore the profound influence of the original Moro cookbook, with its blend of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African influences, and heard what it’s like to run a restaurant with your life and business partner.

Recommended by

Nina Caplan

Wine and food writer

If you love Spanish food there are few books so accessible, and the results are good enough to keep a restaurant going for 20 years without much in the way of proliferation (there are now a couple of Moritos, their more informal outpost, but that’s pretty recent). Sam and Sam’s Chicken with Bay, Garlic and White Wine is my favourite way to cook chicken – and I love to cook chicken – while the Chickpeas with Spinach (and cumin and saffron) is the best accompaniment I have yet found for Manzanilla sherry – and believe me, my research has been extensive.

Susan Low

Food writer

Moro the restaurant broke new ground when it opened in London’s then-edgy Exmouth Market back in 1997, and this book introduced a generation to the flavours and aromas of Spain, Portugal, North Africa, the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey. The food and recipes were redolent with sumac, saffron, tahini and labneh – ingredients that hadn’t quite yet made it supermarket shelves. I’ve cooked a score of recipes from this book and I keep coming back to them. They’re every bit as enticing now as they were then.

Sophie Tyrrell

Head chef, 69 Highbury Hill

This is our favourite North London restaurant and we eat there a lot. I love their food and this cookbook includes many of their classics, most of which I've had a go at. Too many wonderful Spanish/Mediterannean recipes to mention but our absolute favourites are Grilled Quail with Rose Petals, Hummus with ground Lamb and pine nuts, Saffron Rice, chickpeas with spinach, Paella de cerdo con chorizo y Espinacas. Another food splattered book.

Danny Kingston

Food blogger, writer and general witterer

This is one of the first cookbooks I bought and remains to this day, one of my favourites. All of the recipes (and I have tried most of them) work so well, bringing together a simple and harmonious blend of predominantly Spanish, North African and Middle Eastern flavours. A great step towards using exotic ingredients and techniques, without getting your knickers in a twist.

Genevieve Taylor

Food writer and stylist

This is easily the shabbiest looking cookbook I own - a true testament to its usefulness that it has a ripped spine, dogeared torn cover and pages covered in various blotches of this and splats of that. This is a book I really love for its authenticity. Make a handful of tasty tapas, crack open a bottle of chilled Oloroso and transport yourself to a bustling Spanish bar.

Oliver Rowe


Learning to cook at Moro left a huge, indelible mark on my culinary landscape and for that reason, as well as being a brilliant book that introduced two new and exciting culinary regions to Britain, it must find its way onto my list. Wonderful recipes that are as familiar to me as old friends.

Gizzi Erskine

Chef and food writer

A real game-changer. A book of wonderful authentic recipes and one of the earliest significant titles in the modern world food phenomenon that seems so commonplace in cookbook publishing today, not to mention a landmark publication in the genre of restaurant cookbooks also.

Annabel Abbs

Novelist, cook and food blogger

The Moro restaurant changed our view of Spanish food, much as the River Café changed our view of Italian food. The Clark’s recipes introduced me to an entirely new cuisine. Goodbye paella and gazpacho. Hello sopa de ajo and fattoush!

Sarah Beattie

Food writer

Another married pair, this book also has the sense of place and delight in the otherness of travel with a palpable desire to share their discoveries

Jenny Chandler

Food writer

The fabulously relaxed style of these recipes changed the way I cook. Moorish, that Hispanic/Arabic flavour suddenly felt so accessible.

Antonia Lloyd

TV producer and food writer

I adore the flavours of Spain and North Africa and the restaurant Moro remains one of my all-time favourite places to eat in London.

Anna Colquhoun

Cooking teacher, food consultant and writer

A beautiful book full of food I want to eat, and first of an excellent series. The Turkish yoghurt & mint soup is a revelation.

Rebecca Seal

Food and drink writer and TV presenter

The first of their delicious books, this is one I return to over and over again. My copy is filthy, splattered and sticky.

Dan Toombs

Food writer

This book reminds me of summer and eating outside with friends. Probably because I use it all summer long.

Alistair Cameron

Coordinator for England of the Slow Food Chef Alliance and Ark of Taste

Introduced us to a new vocabulary of ingredients before "Islamic / Hispanic" became mainstream.

Gill Meller


When this came out it felt like a very genuine honest piece of work from a husband and wife.

Trish Deseine

Food writer

A revelation, & the last great new cultural input into my own cooking.

Joel Serra Bevin


Opened my eyes to blending Arabic with Mediterranean flavours.

Ana Sortun

Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Oleana

Captures the personality of the restaurant and very creative.

Denis Cotter

Founder and executive chef of Cafe Paradiso and author

A beautiful expression of a beautiful restaurant.

Luiz Hara

Blogger of The London Foodie

Another classic book which I love and use often

Tim Spector

Scientist, physician, author & amateur cook

Fantastic Spanish Moroccan fusion flavours

John Gregory-Smith


Makes you want to cook everything

Chantal Coady

Founder of Rococo Chocolates

Karen Barnes

Editor, Delicious magazine

Sarah Randell

Food writer and marmalade producer

Thomasina Miers

Founder of Wahaca, chef and writer

Blanche Vaughan

Food Editor, House & Garden

Janet Floyd

Professor of American Literature & Culture

Tonia George

Food writer

Jake Tilson

Artist, graphic designer and author

Amelia Freer

Nutritional therapist and author

Julian Baggini

Freelance writer

Molly Stevens

Cookbook author

Marissa Nicosia

Assistant Professor at Penn State Abington

Jordan Bourke

Irish chef, food stylist and best-selling author

Claire Ptak

Chef-owner, Violet Cakes

Andy Ricker

Chef/Owner Pok Pok Restaurants

Caz Hildebrand

Creative Partner at Here Design

Cortney Burns

Co-chef, Bar Tartine

Caroline Bennett

Founder and Owner of Moshi Moshi

Lindsey Bareham

Author and writer

Simon Hurley

Artisan olive producer

Andrew Peters

Proprietor Green Park Brasserie, Bath Function Rooms, Green Park Express

Lizzie Mabbott

Author of 'Chinatown Kitchen' and Hollow Legs

Sue Lawrence

Food writer and novelist

Andrew Langley

Food writer

Sudi Pigott

Food and travel writer