Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well

by Pellegrino Artusi

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Marsilio Publishers
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Recommended by

Sue Dyson and Roger McShane

Food writers

This is a classic Italian cookbook that is written with passion, humility, irreverence and humour. The recipes are well worth trying even though the book was written in the late nineteenth century. We strongly believe that we can all learn a lot from history. This is just as important in cooking as it is in all other areas of human endeavour. Therefore we like to turn to the classic cookbooks to seek out the background to the recipes of today. The more we delve into it, the more this classic Italian offering inveigles itself into our consciousness.

Elizabeth Romer

Food writer and historian

The essential cookery book of the 'Republic of Italy', although it does not contain recipes from every area of the peninsula Artusi's contribution to the language, culinary and otherwise, of the new Italy, is vital. His recipes are still today trusted and enjoyed in innumerable Italian kitchens.

Ivan Brincat

Food and Wine Gazette

Translated into English in 1996 (I've have an old Italian version), this is your go to guide for understanding the history of Italian cuisine. It has been in print (in Italian) since 1894. An essential book for lovers of Italian cuisine.

Eleanor Barnett

Food historian

First published in 1891, a classic work to explore the history of Italian food. Written after the unification of Italy, Artusi brought together hundreds of recipes from across the peninsula.

Bill Buford


The bible of modern (i.e. from the 18th century on) Italian cooking, ably translated, and the authority on just about every dish you'll find on an Italian table.

Valeria Necchio

Cookbook author

First published in 1891, it's the bible of traditional Italian cooking.

Henry Notaker

Literary historian

A culinary contribution to Italian unity.

Colman Andrews

Food writer and editor

Anna Del Conte

Food writer

Bruce Palling


Carol Field

Food writer and broadcaster

Russell Norman

Restaurateur, writer, broadcaster

Giorgio Locatelli

Chef and restaurateur

Ben Reade

Co-Owner/Chef at Edinburgh Food Studio

Franco Taruschio

Chef/proprietor and cookbook author

Caz Hildebrand

Creative Partner at Here Design

Lorenzo Cogo

Chef and owner of EL COQ restaurant – one Michelin Star in Italy

Matthew Fort

Food writer and critic