Pababotte a la Creole

Pababotte a la Creole

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Appears in

The Picayune's Creole Cook Book

By The Times Picayune Publishing Company

Published 1901

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  • 6 Pababottes
  • 6 Truffles
  • 6 Thin Slices of Bacon
  • 6 Slices of Toast
  • 3 Tablespoonfuls of Butter
  • 3 Tablespoonfuls of Water
  • The Zest of a Lemon
  • The Juice of a Lemon
  • Olives and Sprigs of Parsley to Garnish


Clean the pababottes as you would a Chicken, and take out the entrails. Separate the gizzards, and be sure to throw them away, retaining all the rest of the entrails for stuffing. Chop the remaining entrails very fine, and season well with salt and pepper. Fry them in about a quarter of a spoon of butter. In the meantime take the Pababotte and rub well with salt and pepper, and put a small piece of butter, about the size of a peanut, with a little salt and pepper, in the Pababotte. Place in the interior one truffle. Bind a strip of thin bacon around the body. Place a tablespoonful of butter in a baking dish, and set the Pababotte in it, and add about two tablespoonfuls of water. Set the dish in a quick oven, and let the Birds roast thirty minutes, turning over once, so that they may be perfectly done. When the entrails are done, add two inches of the zest of the lemon and a little juice. Take slices of toast, allowing one slice for each Bird, and spread over each a coating of the entrails, or farcie. Place a Bird on each slice of toast, after taking off the binding of bacon, or leaving it on, according to taste. Add one spoonful of water to the gravy in which the Pababottes have been cooking, strain it, then warm for two minutes, and pour hot on top of the breast of the Bird, allowing it to melt down into the French toasts. Garnish the dish nicely with sprigs of parsley and serve hot.