Anchovy Canapes

Canapes d’Anchois


  • 6 Slices of Dry Toast
  • An Ounce of Anchovy Butter
  • 2 Dozen Anchovies


First prepare the anchovy butter, by adding to one ounce of good regular butter one teaspoonful of Anchovy Essence. Mix well and set on ice till ready to use.

Prepare six slices of bread, slicing them about one-half an inch thick and toasting to a golden brown. Trim the edges nicely and spread over each a little Anchovy Butter, and then cover each with four Anchovies cut in halves, or pounded to a paste, according to taste. Place the Toasts on a tin baking sheet in an oven for one minute, and then arrange neatly on a folded napkin on a dish and serve.