Potato Balls

Pommes de Terre en Boulettes


  • 8 Potatoes
  • Cupfuls of Chopped Beef, or Pork, (Left-Over)
  • A Kitchenspoonful of Butter
  • ½ Pint of Milk
  • Parsley, Shallots or Onions, Minced
  • 2 Eggs
  • Boiling Lard
  • Parsley to Garnish


Cook the potatoes as in preceding recipe, or use cold left-over Potatoes for this dish. Mash the Potatoes well, and add an equal quantity of cold leftover meat or pork, minced very fine. Season well with salt and pepper, minced parsley and shallots or onions. Mix well with the yolks of two eggs, and form into Balls of medium size. Brush with the whites of the eggs, beaten to a stiff froth, and fry in boiling lard. Serve with garnish of chopped parsley or with meat gravy.