Boiled Sweet Potatoes

Patates Douces Bouillies


  • 6 Potatoes
  • A Drawn Butter Sauce


Wash the potatoes well, using a cloth or brush, and removing every particle of earth. Clip the edges of the roots that adhere. Put them to boil in a kettle of boiling water, and let them cook till they may be easily pierced with a fork. Then drain off the water, and set the kettle on the back of the stove. Cover and let the Potatoes steam a few minutes. Take them out after five minutes or so, and peel and serve them with a Drawn Butter Sauce, or cut in slices and spread butter over them, and set in the oven for a few seconds, and serve hot with daubes, fish, Grillades, etc. Sweet Potatoes are in particular the Vegetable that is served with Roast Pork.