Glazed Turnips

Navets Glaces


  • 6 Turnips of Uniform Size
  • A Tablespoonful of Sugar
  • A Cupful of Water
  • A Large Tablespoonful of Butter
  • Salt to Taste


Select fine, small and tender Turnips of uniform size, top the heads and stems, and remove the skins, but not too closely, lest they should break up when boiling. Then take a frying pan large enough for the Turnips to lie in it, side by side. Put the butter in first, and when melted add the Turnips. Then sprinkle with sugar and water, and season with salt to taste. Set on the back of the stove, where they can simmer gently for an hour. Then set in the oven, with a paper on top. Let them stand for about half an hour, and use as a garnish for beef, veal, etc. The Turnips will be nicely glazed, and will make the dish appear very beautiful.