Compote of Plantains, Old Style

Compote de Plantains a l’Ancienne Mode


  • 6 Plantains
  • ¼ Pound of Sugar
  • A Pint of Rum, Kirsch or Maraschino Sauce


The following is a famous Creole way of cooking Plantains that has fallen in desuetude, but which deserves to be resurrected as one of the most delightful methods of preparing Plantains:

Have ready a pile of hot ashes in the oven. Put the Plantains (unpeeled) into the ashes and cover well with ashes. Let them roast thus for half an hour; then take out, peel, cut into quarters and sprinkle with sugar. Set in the oven a few minutes and serve hot, with a Rum, Kirsch or Maraschino Sauce.