Lemon Preserves

Conserve de Citron


  • A Pound of Sugar for Every Pound of Lemon
  • The Juice of a Lemon for Each Pound of Fruit
  • A Tablespoonful of Alum for Every Quart of Water
  • A Few Pieces of Ginger Root


Cut the lemons in halves, after paring, and remove the seeds. Then cut it up into a number of thin slices, and put them into a vessel with cold water, adding a tablespoon of alum, or a little salt. After several hours put the Lemon into cool, fresh water, and let it remain an hour, and drain. Then put it into a kettle and cover with two quarts of boiling water. Add the rinds of the Lemon or Citrons, for this Preserve will do for either Lemon or Citron, and a few pieces of ginger root. Let all boil till perfectly clear. Then take out the fruit and drain dry. Then prepare a syrup, allowing one pound of sugar for every pound of fruit, and add the juice of a Lemon for each pound of fruit. Put the Citron or Lemon in without the ginger, and allow it to boil for three-quarters of an hour. It will become a beautiful, clear amber color. Proceed to bottle or seal in jars immediately.