Chicken and Melon Salad with Warm Sesame Dressing

Melon partners cold cooked meats very well. Arrange a bed of salad leaves on the plates first, if you wish.


  • three 5 oz / 140 g skinless, boneless chicken breasts
  • 1 small honeydew melon, sliced, deseeded and peeled
  • 2 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 3 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 1 tbsp rice vinegar
  • 2 tsp shredded fresh root ginger
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
  • 2 tsp toasted sesame oil


Poach or steam the chicken for 8 minutes. When cool enough to handle, slice, and arrange the slices on plates, alternating with slices of melon, or put a fan of chicken slices on one side of each plate and a fan of melon slices on the other. In a small, heavy frying pan, toast the sesame seeds until golden brown. Scatter them over the chicken and melon. In the same pan, mix all the remaining ingredients, except the sesame oil and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat, stir in the sesame oil, and spoon over the salad. Serve immediately.