Parmentier of Goose


Inspiration for this comes from Bruno Loubet, whose very good book Cuisine Courante has a recipe for confit of duck baked in a mashed potato crust. Leftover meat stripped from the carcass of goose can be cooked in a similar fashion, provided you add some of the goose fat and gravy. First boil 2–3 lb / 900 g-1.35 kg potatoes. Mash with salt, pepper and enough rendered goose fat to make it appetizing. Spoon half of it into a greased pie dish. Lay pieces of cooked goose in it, dotted with goose fat, and moistened with plenty of gravy, and spread the rest of the mashed potato over the top before baking in a preheated oven at 220°C / 425°F / Mark 7 for 20–30 minutes, until cooked through and the top is nicely browned.