Golden Fruit Salad


  • Use some or all of the following in appropriate quantities: mango, papaya, kumquats, kaki or sharon fruit, mandarin oranges and other easy-peelers, golden russet apples, ripe star fruit, pineapple, golden muscat grapes, passion fruit, physallis, fresh dates, ripe Galia or charentais melon, soaked dried apricots
  • sweet wine, such as Muscat de Rivesaltes or Moscatel de Valencia 2–3 sheets 24-carat gold leaf (optional)


Prepare the fruit as appropriate, but keep it in distinctive shapes rather than dice it all - slices of star-fruit, long curving slivers of mango, orange segments, melon balls. Leave smaller fruit whole, and be prepared to put up with kumquat pips and grape seeds. Peel any fruit that needs it over a bowl to catch any juice. Mix this with the sweet wine, and crumble in the gold leaf, if using. Put the fruit into a large (glass) bowl, and pour over the gold flecked wine. Serve chilled.