Watermelon Pond


Take the biggest watermelon that you can fit in your refrigerator and find a container for it. Slice off the top quarter or fifth as a lid, scoop most of the flesh out of it and remove the seeds. Put the flesh in a blender. Put the β€˜lid’ in a polythene bag, and chill it until required. With a melon bailer, scoop the flesh out of the rest of the melon, finally scraping out the layer that is too thin to scoop into balls. Add these scrappy pieces of melon to the blender. Take a punnet each of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries (or of just one fruit), and hull and rinse, if necessary. Put the melon balls back into the melon shell, nicely mixed with the berry fruit. Put some icing sugar or sugar syrup in the blender with the melon pieces, and add the juice of an orange and a generous measure of an appropriate liqueur or eau de vie, and blend until smooth. Pour over the fruit in the melon shell. Cover and chill for 2–3 hours. Serve, with the lid on, or decorated with raspberry and strawberry leaves, or other attractive greenery. The sugar and eau de vie can be replaced with apple juice, pear juice or extra raspberries.