Filleting Round Fish

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A Feast of Fish

A Feast of Fish

By Ian McAndrew

Published 1989

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  1. Lay the fish on its side and make a cut through to the bone at an angle just behind the gills. Turn the fish operand repeat.

  2. Starting just above the dorsal fin, cut in one movement towards the tail, finishing just above the tail fin. Finish by cutting from the dorsal fin to the cut behind the gills.

  3. Using the point of a sharp knife, carefully cut along the bone towards the backbone, moving from head to tail, until the top fillet is free but still attached to the bottom fillet.

  4. Insert the knife under the bone at the tail end and slide it towards the head.

  5. Free the bottom fillet by gently lifting away the bone.

  6. Cut the fish down the middle into two fillets.

  7. Trim the edges of the fillets.

  8. Using a pair of pliers, remove the line of small bones that runs two-thirds of the length of the fillets. To make the bones easier to find, run your fingers or the back of a knife down the fillet.