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Bake and Decorate

By Fiona Cairns

Published 2011

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Knead to make it pliable and, if it is too sticky, dust your hands and work surface with icing sugar. If it dries, add a tiny amount of white vegetable fat. Use a food processor with a dough hook, as it saves your muscles. Store in a sealed polythene bag at room temperature (never the refrigerator). When rolling it out, dust a dry work surface and rolling pin with icing sugar and be sure frequently to run a palette knife underneath. It’s very frustrating if it sticks to the surface. Never store a sugarpaste-covered cake or decorations in the refrigerator. When covering a cake, ensure your rolled-out sugarpaste is slightly larger than the cake and sides, and wrap it loosely around the rolling pin before smoothing it on to the cake. If there are air bubbles, prick them with a pin and rub away the hole. Once a cake is covered, store in a cardboard box, not an airtight container as it will sweat. Avoid contact with water, which will mark it.