Incorporating Add-Ins

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For doughs that call for added ingredients such as potatoes, olives, or nuts, incorporate them after the dough has had some time to develop.
Gently stretch the dough into a roughly rectangular shape measuring about 6 by 10 inches (15 by 25 cm). Scatter the add-ins over the top, then gently press them into the dough (A). Tightly roll the dough around the ingredients (B–D). Turn seam-side up and gently press to seal. Fold the dough in thirds from right to left (E–F), and then roll and tuck. Tuck the sides under toward the center and return the dough to the bowl.
When adding a fat like butter or lard in this way, 4 or 5 roll and tuck sequences will be required to ensure that the fat is evenly incorporated.