Cream of tartar (HKC4O6H4)

Is obtained from argols found adhering to bottom and sides of wine casks, which are ninety per cent, cream of tartar. The argols are ground and dissolved in boiling water, coloring matter removed by filtering through animal charcoal, and by a process of recrystallization the cream of tartar of commerce is obtained.

The acid found in molasses, sour milk, and lemon juice, will liberate gas in soda, but the action is much quicker than when cream of tartar is used.
Fermented and unfermented breads are raised to be made light and porous, that they may be easily acted upon by the digestive ferments. Some mixtures are made light by beating sufficiently to enclose a large amount of air, and when baked in a hot oven air is forced to expand.

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