Cutting Up Fowl

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Eileen Yin-fei Lo's New Cantonese Cooking

Eileen Yin-fei Lo's New Cantonese Cooking

By Eileen Yin-Fei Lo

Published 1988

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Most people buy their fowl and poultry already cut up. You need not do this, for cutting up your fresh-killed bird is simple. Here is the procedure for cutting up a chicken.
Sit the bird up on its neck, its back to you, its tail and legs up. Using the cleaver, cut downward from the spinal joint. As you cut through, use your hands to pull the chicken apart. With the cleaver, cut the center joint of the breast bone. The bird is now cut into halves. Cut off the thighs and wings at their joints. Cut each half of the body into halves lengthwise, then cut these lengths into bite-sized pieces.