Methods: Hand, Machine, Pressurized Gas

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On Food and Cooking

By Harold McGee

Published 2004

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Cream can be foamed by several different methods. Whisking by hand takes more time and physical exertion than an electric beater, but incorporates more air and produces a greater volume. The lightest, fluffiest whipped cream is produced with the help of pressurized gas, usually nitrous oxide (N2O). The most familiar gas-powered device is the aerosol can, which contains a pressurized mixture of ultrapasteurized cream and dissolved gas. When the nozzle is opened and the mixture released, the gas expands instantly and explodes the cream into a very light froth. There is also a device that aerates ordinary fresh cream with a replaceable canister of nitrous oxide, which is released in the nozzle and causes great turbulence as it mixes with the cream.