How to Truss a Chicken without a Needle

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Glorious French Food

By James Peterson

Published 2002

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Cut a 2 ½-foot [76-cm] length of kitchen string. Place the chicken on a cutting board with the drumsticks facing you. Slide the middle of the string under the chicken, a couple of inches back. Grab the two ends of the string and move the left one to the right and the right one to the left, so the string is crossing over the ends of the drumsticks. Move the string from crossing on top of each drumstick end to underneath the drumstick, so the string forms an X. Pull the string to tighten it and bring the drumstick ends together. Bring the string back along the sides of the chicken and over the wings (be sure the wings are unfolded). Lift the chicken so the neck end is sticking straight up and continue turning it over until the chicken is breast-side down on the cutting board. Pull the string tight and tie the two ends together over the back. Fold the wing tips under the wings.