Oilslick Brittlegill

Russula ionochlora


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Oilslick Brittlegill Russula ionochlora Romagn. (illustrated 60% life size) Cap 4.5โ€“7cm across, convex, later flattening, often with low bosses and somewhat irregularly waved; pale coloured, typically a mixture of dull bluish or yellowish to ochraceous pale greens, often with greyish-lilac to pale wine border; moderately fleshy; half peeling. Stem 30โ€“70ร—12โ€“20mm; white or faintly tinged violet, salmon if rubbed with iron salts. Flesh white; taste distinctly hot when young, later mild. Gills almost free; pale cream. Spores 6.5โ€“7.5ร—4.7โ€“6ยต, ovate; warts up to 0.5ยต high, isolated or occasionally in short chains, no fine lines. Spore print pale cream (Bโ€“C). Cap cystidia mostly club-shaped, not septate. Cap surface hyphae with terminal cell usually broadly cylindrical with rounded ends; supporting cells rectangular to somewhat inflated. Habitat with beech; summer to early autumn. Occasional. Edible. Note rather similar to R. grisea (opposite).

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