Fiery Milkcap

Lactarius pyrogalus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Fiery Milkcap Lactarius pyrogalus (Bull.) Fr. (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 5–10cm across, flattened convex to flat, later broadly funnel-shaped; dingy greyish-fawn sometimes with yellowish tinge, not or only faintly concentrically banded; somewhat thin-fleshed, slightly sticky when moist. Stem 40–60×7–15mm, cylindrical to slightly swollen in the middle or at the base; whitish or concolorous with cap. Flesh whitish. Gills slightly decurrent, yellowish to flesh-coloured, later cinnamon-ochre. Milk white; taste very hot and acrid; a drop turns orange-yellow on a glass slide with KOH. Spores 7–8×5.5–6.5¼, broadly elliptical; warts mostly joined by thickish ridges in a fairly well-developed network. Spore print pale ochre (E–F). Habitat with hazel; autumn. Common. Suspect avoid.