Curry Milkcap

Lactarius camphoratus


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Curry Milkcap Lactarius camphoratus (Bull.) Fr. (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 2.5–5cm across, convex, then with a depression and often with a small umbo, margin slightly inrolled at first, often furrowed; red-brown, bay, or dark brick, sometimes with a violet tinge; surface smooth and matt, not sticky. Stem 30–50Γ—4–7mm, cylindrical or narrowing downwards; coloured as the cap or deeper. Flesh pale rusty brown. Gills decurrent, closely spaced, narrow; pale reddish-brown. Milk rather watery but with whitish clouds; taste mild, smell weakly of bugs when fresh, but a strong curry-like scent develops on drying. Spores 7.5–8.5Γ—6.5–7.5ΒΌ, subglobose; warts mainly isolated but occasionally joined by ridges. Spore print creamy (C). Habitat with pine but sometimes also in deciduous woods; summer to late autumn. Common. Edible used dried and powdered as a flavouring in Germany.

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