Tawny Milkcap

Lactarius fulvissimus


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Tawny Milkcap Lactarius fulvissimus Romagn. syn. L. brittanicus D. A. Reid (illustrated 50% life size) Cap 4–8.5cm across, convex and centrally depressed to widely funnel-shaped; brick-orange to brownish-red, paler near the margin. Stem 25–75Γ—5–20mm, often hollow; concolorous with the cap. Flesh light pinkish-buff; firm. Gills adnate, with a decurrent tooth, a little crowded; cream darkening a little with age. Milk white to a little watery, abundant, taste mild to a little acrid, smell strong like Lepiota cristata. Spores 6–9Γ—5.5–7.5ΒΌ, elliptical; distinct warts up to 1.4ΒΌ connected by a few fine lines in an incomplete network. Spore print cream. Habitat in mixed woods; late summer to early winter. Occasional. Not edible.

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