Cedarwood Waxcap

Hygrocybe russocoriacea

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Cedarwood Waxcap Hygrocybe russocoriacea (Berk. & T.K. Mill.) P.D. Orton & Watling syn. Cuphophyllus russo-coriaceus (Berk. & Mill.) Bon (illustrated 70% life size) Cap 0.8–2cm across, convex; white to yellow-ivory, faintly striate. Stem 20–35×2–3mm, slightly wavy and tapering towards the base; whitish. Flesh whitish or tinged ivory-yellow; thick at centre of cap; smell strong, of pencil sharpenings or sandalwood. Gills decurrent, widely spaced; white. Spores 7.5–9×4–5¼, ellipsoid. Spore print white. Habitat in short grass on lawns or heaths; autumn. Frequent. Not edible.