Burgundydrop Bonnet

Mycena haematopus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Burgundydrop Bonnet Mycena haematopus (Pers.) P. Kumm. (illustrated 40% life size) Cap 2–4cm across, conical to bell-shaped; grey-brown with clay-pink tint, striate at margin when moist, drying light pink. Stem 40–100×2–3mm; grey-pink, exuding a deep blood-red latex when broken; often fused together to form tufts. Flesh blood-red; taste slightly bitter, smell not distinctive. Gills adnate; white, becoming pale pink, often with darker edge. Spores 7–10×5–6¼, ellipsoid; amyloid. Spore print white. Cheilo- and pleurocystidia with swollen base and an abrupt, pointed apex, thin-walled. Habitat on old stumps; autumn. Common. Edible.