Porcelain fungus

Oudemansiella mucida


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Porcelain fungus Oudemansiella mucida (Schrad.) Höhn. (illustrated 45% life size) Cap 2–8cm across, convex then flattening; pale greyish when young, becoming more white, often with an ochraceous flush at the centre; semi-translucent, slimy. Stem 30–100×3–10mm; white, striate above the membranous ring, slightly scaly below. Flesh white; thin. Gills distant; pure white. Spores 13–18×12–15¼, subglobose. Spore print white. Cystidia cylindrical or utriform, thin-walled. Cap cuticle hymeniform, of erect, club-shaped cells. Habitat on the trunks of beech, often high up and in large clusters; late summer to late autumn. Common. Edible after washing to remove gluten.

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