Cystolepiota moelleri

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Cystolepiota moelleri Knudsen syn. Cystolepiota rosea (Rea) Bon syn. Lepiota rosea Rea (illustrated 55% life size) Cap 2–3cm across, convex then expanded, margin overhanging, appearing toothed; pink at first, becoming brownish-pink with age; densely grainy-mealy. Stem 50–60×3–5mm; white at apex, concolorous with cap below; floccose-granular scales at first; ring narrow, soon disappearing. Flesh white, becoming tinged pinkish, especially towards stem base; smell faint and pleasant according to some authors, this collection however had a very unpleasant smell, strongly fungusy, similar to Lepiota cristata. Gills white, later cream. Spores 4.5–6×2.5–3.5¼, elliptic; non-dextrinoid. Spore print white. Cheilocystidia scattered, clavate or bottle-shaped, thin-walled, hyaline. Mealy surface of cap formed of thin-walled, globose cells. Habitat on damp ground in shady, deciduous woods; autumn. Rare. Unknown edibility.