Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) elegantior

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) elegantior (Fr.) Fr. (illustrated 40% life size) Cap 5–13cm across, hemispherical, expanding to flat; orange-yellow or reddish-orange, eventually fading to dull yellowish-brown, no reaction with KOH; glutinous. Stem 50–120×10–20mm with a marginate bulb; off-white with yellowish tints; fibrous. Flesh yellowish; taste mild, smell slight. Gills adnate; yellowish when young, becoming tawny ochre. Spores 13.5–16×8–9.5¼, lemon-shaped, very rough and warty. Spore print rusty brown. Habitat in coniferous woodlands, usually in mountains; late summer. Very rare, vulnerable on Red Data List. Not edible.