Cortinarius (Cortinarius) humicola


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Cortinarius (Cortinarius) humicola (Quél.) Maire (alternative spelling C. humicolus) (illustrated 60% life size) Cap 1–5cm across, conico-convex then expanded and umbonate; chrome- to ochre-yellow, densely covered with small, fibrous, rusty scales. Stem 30–70×3–10mm, tapering at base; concolorous with cap; fibrillose at apex, covered in scales like the cap below. Flesh white in cap, yellow-buff in stem, becoming rusty at base; taste sweet, smell pleasant, slightly scented. Gills adnexed; whitish at first then ochraceous, finally rusty ochre. Spores 8–10.5×5–6¼, elliptical, finely roughened. Spore print rust. Habitat in beech woods; autumn. Very rare. Suspect avoid.

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