Clustered Mushroom

Agaricus pseudovillaticus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Clustered Mushroom Agaricus pseudovillaticus Rauschert syn. A. vaporarius (Pers.) Capelli (illustrated 35% life size) Cap 10–15cm across, subglobose at first, expanding to flattened convex; dirty brown, soon breaking up into large scales. Stem 60–120×25–50mm, tapering at base, which is deeply buried; white and smooth, initially with brown, fibrous scales; ring thick, white, pendulous. Flesh white, reddening only slightly on cutting; taste nutty, smell mushroomy. Gills free; pale pink at first, later chocolate-brown. Spores 6–7×4.5–6¼, subglobose. Spore print brown. Cheilocystidia numerous, 18–28×4–10¼, clavate, thin-walled, hyaline. Habitat in gardens and deciduous woods, often developing below ground, pushing up through the soil as it expands; autumn. Rare. Edible. Note some mycologists consider this fungus to be a form of A. subperonatus (above).