Psathyrella artemisiae


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Psathyrella artemisiae (Pass.) Konrad & Maubl. syn. P. squamosa sensu auct. mult. (illustrated 60% life size) Cap 2.5–3.5cm across, ovate at first, becoming conical to expanded bell-shaped; ochre-brown when moist, with a broad marginal zone covered in whitish, silky fibrils, drying ochre-cream, dingy brown with age. Stem 35–50Γ—3–5mm; white; flaky, hollow. Flesh ochre-brown; taste and smell not distinctive. Gills adnate; white then ochre-brown, finally violet-brown. Spores 8.5–9.5Γ—4.5–5ΒΌ, elliptical, with germ-pore. Spore print purplish-brown. Cheilo- and pleurocystidia fusoid, with slightly thickened, yellowish walls when examined in KOH solution. Habitat beech woods; autumn. Frequent. Unknown edibility.

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