Orange Oak Bolete

Leccinum quercinum


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Orange Oak Bolete Leccinum quercinum (Pilát) Pilát & Dermek (illustrated 35% life size) Cap 6–15cm across, margin overhanging the pores; chestnut- to date-brown then more rusty; fibrillose-scaly, becoming smooth. Stem 110–180×20–35mm; pale brown to buff at apex with whitish scales, becoming pale brown, whitish to buff towards base with whitish scales, becoming rusty or purplish-date, darkening on handling. Flesh white to cream, rapidly pink or vinaceous in cap, more grey in the stem, sometimes with a slight green flush in the base; taste and smell pleasant. Tubes white to pale buff, becoming vinaceous or cigar-brown. Pores small, colouring similar to tubes. Spores 12–15×3.5–5¼, subfusiform. Spore print walnut-brown. Habitat with oak; late summer to autumn. Occasional. Edible.

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