Orange Birch Bolete

Leccinum versipelle

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Orange Birch Bolete Leccinum versipelle (Fr. & Hök) Snell (illustrated 30% life size) Cap 8–20cm across, the margin overhanging the pores; tawny orange; slightly downy at first, becoming smooth, dry to very slightly viscid. Stem up to 200×15–40mm; white or greyish, covered with woolly, brownish-black scales. Flesh white then dark vinaceous, blue-green in stem base, finally blackish; taste and smell pleasant. Tubes white to buff, vinaceous on cutting. Pores small; mouse-grey at first, later ochraceous, bruising vinaceous. Spores 12.5–15×4–5¼, subfusiform. Spore print ochraceous walnut-brown. Habitat with birch in scrub or open woodland; summer to autumn. Common. Edible good.