Purplepore Bracket

Trichaptum abietinum

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Purplepore Bracket Trichaptum abietinum (Pers.) Ryvarden syn. Hirschioporus abietinus (Pers.) Donk (illustrated 75% life size) Bracket 1–3cm×0.5–2cm across, 0.1–0.2cm thick, margin undulate, in overlapping rows or shelves; upper surface greyish, often with a greenish tint due to the growth of algae amongst the layer of woolly hairs covering the surface, margin pinkish; concentrically grooved. Flesh pale brownish or purplish. Tubes 0.3–0.7mm long; lilac when fresh, drying reddish-brown. Pores 3–4 per mm, circular or angular, becoming irregularly toothed; bright violet, especially towards the margin, but paling and brownish with age. Spores 6.5–8×3–4¼, oblong-elliptical, hyaline. Cystidia abundant, 12–35×5–7¼, fusiform with an encrusted apex and slightly thickened walls. Hyphal structure dimitic, generative hyphae with clamp connections. Habitat on dead stumps and fallen trunks of coniferous trees; all year. Common. Not edible.