Jelly Rot

Phlebia tremellosa


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Jelly Rot Phlebia tremellosa (Schrad.) Burds. & Nakasone syn. Merulius tremellosus Schrad. (illustrated (b) 40% life size) Fruit body most often forming small brackets 1–5cm across, thin, flexible, semicircular and often tiered, sometimes resupinate, spreading radially and flowing into each other; upper surface white and hairy, margin covered in silky radiating fibres. Fertile or lower side orange-buff or pinkish, appearing almost poroid. Flesh whitish; thin, gelatinous. Spores 4–4.5Γ—1–1.5ΒΌ, sausage-shaped, hyaline. Habitat on stumps or fallen branches of deciduous, less frequently coniferous, wood; autumn to spring. Common. Not edible.

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