Geastrum rufescens


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Geastrum rufescens Pers. syn. G. vulgatum Vittad. (illustrated 50% life size) Fruit body opening to 5–8cm across, remaining subterranean untilit splits into 7–9 pointed rays, which curve back and are covered in a pale vinaceous, fleshy layer, drying more ochraceous-brown. Spore sac 1.5–4cm across, on a short, indistinct stalk, opening by a central, slightly elevated, fringed pore; pallid to brownish. Spores 3–4.5¼ in diameter, globose, warted. Spore mass dark brown. Habitat in deciduous and coniferous woods; summer to late autumn. Occasional. Not edible.

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