Netted Stinkhorn

Dictyophora duplicata


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Netted Stinkhorn Dictyophora duplicata (Bosc) E. Fisch. syn. Phallus duplicatus Bosc (illustrated 35% life size) Fruit body at first a large white ‘egg’ 4–6cm across, rupturing to release the spongy stem and head. Head 4–5cm deep, bell-shaped, attached to stem at centre by white circlet surrounding the open pore at top of stem, lower margin free, with a prominent net-like veil 3–6cm deep; deeply pitted-reticulate, covered in deep olive-brown spore mass which is solid at first then soon liquid, with a very fetid smell. Stem 100–150×30–45mm; white; hollow, of a cellular, sponge-like structure. Spores 3.5–4.5×1–2¼, ellipsoid, smooth. Habitat on soil in deciduous woodland; summer to autumn. Very rare in Britain (only one record), known from much of northern Europe. Possibly edible in egg stage but not recommended.

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