Clavariadelphus truncatus

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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

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Clavariadelphus truncatus (Quél.) Donk (illustrated 45% life size) Fruit body 5–15cm high, 3–8cm wide at the top, club-shaped, often broad and flattened at sterile top, narrowing down to bulbous base; yellowish-ochre to dark apricot--orange; wrinkled. Stem indistinct; white-hairy at base. Flesh whitish to ochre, darker on bruising; firm to spongy; taste sweet, smell none. Spores 9–12×5–8¼, ellipsoid, smooth; pale ochre. Habitat scattered or in groups or clumps on the ground in coniferous woods; late summer to autumn. Exceedingly rare, endangered on Red Data List. Said to be edible.