Yellow Brain

Tremella mesenterica


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Yellow Brain Tremella mesenterica Retz. (illustrated 80% life size) Fruit body 2–10cm across, comprising flabby, soft lobes and folds; golden-yellow to orange, drying dark orange; gelatinous, drying horny, brittle. Spores 7–10Γ—6–10ΒΌ, broadly ovate to subglobose; white. Basidia resembling hot cross buns from above. Habitat on dead deciduous branches, sometimes still attached to the tree; all year, especially late autumn. Very common. Not edible. Note occurs only as a parasite on species of Peniophora. The Peniophora may not be seen, as the Tremella can occur on the mycelium before fruiting. All Tremella species might occur in the same manner.

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