Helvella leucomelaena


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Helvella leucomelaena (Pers.) Nannf. syn. Paxina leucomelas (Pers.) Kuntze (illustrated 50% life size) Cup 2–4cm across, deeply cup-shaped, margin splitting; inner surface dark greyish-brown, outer pale grey to buff and finely downy, not ribbed. Stem 5–15Γ—10–15mm; whitish; ribbed, with ribs extending to base of cup. Spores 18–22Γ—12–14ΒΌ, broadly elliptical. Asci 400Γ—20ΒΌ. Habitat in woodlands and on heaths; spring to early autumn. Uncommon. Poisonous unless well cooked.

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