Brittle Cinder

Kretzschmaria deusta


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Brittle Cinder Kretzschmaria deusta (Hoffm.) P.M.D. Martin syn. Ustulina deusta (Hoffm.) Lind (illustrated 75% life size) Fruit body forming irregular wavy cushions or encrusting substrate; greyish-white in early stages, finally black, resembling charred wood; soon brittle enough to crush between the fingers, finally very brittle. Spores 28–34Γ—7–10ΒΌ, fusiform; black. Asci 300Γ—15ΒΌ. Habitat on old dead stumps or roots of deciduous trees, especially beech; late spring to summer, but the blackened state may be seen all year. Common. Not edible.

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