Bean Curd Sheets

Dried, it is sold as “dried bean curd sheets” or “tofu skins” and is used as a wrapper for rolls of various types. A higher moisture-content variety is sold in the freezer section. As with cows’ milk, when soymilk is heated, a film forms on top. This film can be lifted off and dried to form firm sheets of bean curd. Sold dry, they have a mustard yellow appearance and can be brittle and slightly flexible at the same time. This depends on age and the manufacturer. When brittle, they are soaked in cool water to soften and then used to wrap various fillings before being boiled or deep-fried. They can be added to vegetable dishes such as the Nyonya Mixed Vegetables. They make quite a spectacular spring roll wrapper. Vietnamese: đậu hũ ky Cantonese: fu chok