Thawing and cooking frozen bacon

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(a) Joints – Allow bacon plenty of time to thaw slowly, preferably in a refrigerator. Bacon can be thawed at room temperature before cooking. Time required depends on the thickness of the piece and the temperature. The wrapping should be removed as soon as possible during thawing. If time is short, joints may be thawed in running water, but should be wrapped in a plastic bag to prevent them getting wet.

(b) Bacon rashers and small pieces may be thawed overnight in the refrigerator or at room temperature. Cook immediately following instructions on packet. All frozen bacon should be cooked immediately it has thawed. The usual cooking methods - boiling, grilling, frying and baking are suitable. Once cooked, the bacon will keep 1–2 days in a refrigerator.

High Quality Storage Life: 1. Bacon joints wrapped as recommended: (a) Smoked bacon up to 8 weeks, (b) Unsmoked bacon up to 5 weeks; 2. Vacuum-packed bacon joints up to 10 weeks; 3. Vacuum-packed rashers or steaks up to 10 weeks; 4. Foil-wrapped rashers, chops or steaks, smoked, 2–4 weeks only.

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